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D. Marc Bergé M.D., Ph.D., Center Director

D. Marc Bergé, M.D., Ph.D., is a fully bilingual U.S. licensed American board certified psychiatrist and is the Director of the Tokyo Meguro Counseling Center. Dr. Bergé is a graduate of New York Medical College where he completed a 4-year residency program in psychiatry. He then finished a fellowship in Psychosomatic Medicine at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Now based in Tokyo, he had served on the Faculty of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine Department of Psychiatry in New York as an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry. Dr. Bergé's Japanese qualifications include a Ph.D. from the University of Tokyo School of Medicine received for psychiatric research done while at the Tokyo University Department of Psychosomatic Medicine.

Dr. Bergé has also done psychiatric research in Japan at the Tokai University School of Medicine on a research fellowship from the Matsumae International Foundation, and at the Tokyo Institute of Psychiatry. Dr. Bergé speaks native-level Japanese and regularly conducts psychotherapy for mixed-cultural couples as well as the local Japanese community. This page lists Dr. Bergé's research activity, and this page is an archive of community education articles for the Tokyo Families Magazine written by Dr. Bergé.

Dr. Bergé's medical degree is from the United States, he is well-versed in the use of psychiatric medication and can guide the use of psychiatric medications integrated with psychotherapy through the physicians affiliated with his counseling practice (he does not directly practice medical care in Japan). Further information on Dr. Bergé can be seen on his personal home page.

Sukirti Meena, M.A., Psychology Counselor

Ms. Meena graduated from the University of Delhi Applied Psychology Department with specialization in clinical psychology. Her thesis was on, "improving academic skills in marginalized children". She has experience at the CHL Apollo Hospital India where she treated neurodevelopmental, emotional, and other behavioral disorders in children. She is also a registered government career counselor at the National Career Portal (Ministry of Labor & Employment).

Akiko Owada M.S., Psychology Counsellor

Ms. Owada graduated from the Teikyo Heisei University Clinical Psychology Department, and is a Certified Psychologist in Japan. She is also certified in Japan as a Social Welfare Worker, and has volunteered at social-service facilities in Japan.

Ms.Owada has also completed the first term of the Doctoral course at Teikyo Heisei University Graduate School of Clinical Psychology and is expected to complete the Clinical Psychologist Certification in Japan. Her undergraduate thesis was written on naricssism, and her graduate thesis was on intimacy in romantic relationships.

Ms. Owada has experience as a psychology counselor in the Clinical Psychology Center while in graduate school at Teikyo Heisei University and now works as a psychologist in Tokyo. Ms. Owada's availability to take new clients may vary, please inquire on her current status. She conducts counseling in Japanese only.

Mary Alice O'Dowd, M.D., External Advisor

Dr. O'Dowd is Professor of Clinical Psychiatry and Director of Psychosomatic Medicine at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine Department of Psychiatry in New York City. Dr. O'Dowd has written more than 100 articles, abstracts, and book chapters of a variety of topics in psychiatric diagnosis and therapies. She is a graduate of New York Medical College and did her psychiatric Residency at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York.

Dr. O'Dowd is a valuable asset in keeping the therapists at the Meguro Counseling Center at the cutting edge of psychotherapeutic care and in promoting excellence of the services provided.

Please confirm with the Center which therapists are currently accepting inquiries.

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