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Native English speaking and fully Japanese bilingual U.S. Licensed American board-certified psychiatrist therapist from New York and Japan-certified Tokyo psychologist staff provide caring and compassionate psychological counseling, psychotherapy including insight-oriented psychodynamic therapy, CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), supportive psychotherapy, life coaching, marital/divorce, family, child & adolescent counseling, and psychopharmacology-integrated psychotherapy, at this psychology and mental health care Tokyo counseling service located in the Shibuya-Ebisu area of Tokyo, 12-min walk from Nakameguro Station on the Toyoko/Fukutoshin/Hibiya Lines. Our main style is a solution-focused approach aimed to optimize the gains possible in each individual.

We are open from 7:30am-12:00pm Mon-Sat; 6:45pm-11:15pm Mon-Thurs. Phone or Skype distance counseling is also available and Japanese medication prescriptions can be mailed to your home anywhere in Japan from our medical specialist. We frequently help persons in Kansai and Okinawa. We are LGBTQ+ friendly.


We provide English and Japanese speaking psychotherapy and psychopharmacology-integrated psychotherapy. The therapists at the Tokyo Meguro Counseling Center are experienced in individual counseling for children or adults, marriage and couples counseling, (particularly Japanese-Western couples), life coaching, and career counseling. The Tokyo counseling staff includes D. Marc Bergé, M.D., Ph.D, a fully bilingual U.S. licensed American Board-Certified Psychiatrist and graduate of New York Medical College, who also has a Ph.D. from the University of Tokyo Department of Psychosomatic Medicine and served as an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, Ms Meena Sukirti, M.A. in applied psychology, is an Indian psychologist and career counselor, and Ms. Akiko Owada, M.S. is a Japan-Certified Psychologist in Tokyo. All of the medical care at the Meguro Counseling Center is carried out by a licensed Japanese medical Dr.

We treat self-confidence problems, relationship/family problems, depression and manic depression, anxiety (GAD) and panic disorder, eating disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) phobias, social anxiety disorder (SAD), ADD and ADHD counseling, traumatic experiences (PTSD), gay, lesbian, and transgender issues, child and adolescent disturbances and anxiety and depression in Tokyo. See an article on Depession in the Tokyo Families Magazine.


APPROACH: The first step in determining the appropriate approach is to perform a thorough evaluation. One of our educational videos, Major Problems & Treatment Methods, desribes the intervention approaches most commonly used in counseling. Insight-oriented psychodynamic psychotherapy, CBT (cognitive behavioral psychotherapy), supportive psychology counseling, and other forms of psychotherapy and mental health care are practiced at The Tokyo Meguro Counseling Center. Please see the Counseling Approach page for further details.

MARRIAGE COUNSELING & DIVORCE: The Meguro Counseling Center sees many couples in crisis and has considerable experience with marriage and couples counseling. The Meguro Counseling Center also works closely with a Japan and U.S. barred divorce Lawyer in Tokyo, and can provide advice and counseling on child custody, child abduction, and divorce. See an article on International Divorce in the Tokyo Families Magazine.

CHILD & ADOLESCENT COUNSELING: The Meguro Counseling Center sees children and adolescents who have developmental, academic, behavioral, and peer-relationship issues. See our related site the Tokyo Child and Adolescent Counseling Service. Articles written by the Center on Student's Self Esteem, ADD/ADHD, and Friendships and Parental Resentment, can be see in the Tokyo Families Magazine.


  • Core Issues & Defenses. This chart is used to help people understand the fundamental working of, and the weakness and strengths, in their personality makeup.
  • Mood Effects on Psychology. How abnormal mood can lead to negative self conclusions which then promote feelings and behaviors that are not optimal.
  • Self Esteem Needs in Relationships.
    How the mechanics of intimate relationships can lead to crashes in self esteem.
  • Obedience & Defiance Cycle. How a cycle between obedience and defiance can lead to resentment, guilt and fear, secondary depression, anxiety, conflict, and decreased self-assertion.

PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY-INTEGRATED PSYCHOTHERAPY: Your therapist can provide you with information and make specific recommendations to you for psychiatric medication that can be received from our medical specialist. This is an educational video on Psychopharmacology-Integrated Marriage Counseling for ADHD. For mild depression, psychotherapy and other non-medical interventions may be of benefit. These interventions may include using certain supplements, special exercises, and biorhythm therapies. The Depression & Anxiety page has further information on the types of anxiety and depression seen at the Meguro Counseling Center.

RESEARCH ACTIVITIES: This page lists the Center Director Dr. D. Marc Bergé's research activity. Dr. Bergé also sponsors a Psychopharmacology Research Fellowship in Japan, and the Meguro Counseling Center contributes a portion of counseling proceeds to research work at the Rockefeller University Department of Neuroscience.

COMMUNITY EDUCATION through the Tokyo Families Magazine that can be read on the articles archive page.

COMMUNITY SPEAKING: on counseling and psychiatric issues (i.e., how psychotherapy works, post-partum depression, child and adolescent issues, etc.).

1.) New York Medical College M.D. Diploma
2.) New York Medical College Psychiatric Residency Certification
3.) U.S. Board of Psychiatry & Neurology
4.) Ph.D., Tokyo University Dept. of Psychosomatic Medicine
5.) Index of Diplomas, Licenses, and Certifications.

We would be pleased to lend you or a loved one a helping hand.

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