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Corporate Psychological Services: Corporate Training, Conflict Resolution and Group Therapy for Industry in Japan

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The Director of the Meguro Counseling Center, Dr. Douglas Berger is available to provide psychological counseling services, and consultation for organizational rationalization for corporations and industry in English or Japanese.

Dr. Berger has had many years of first-hand experience as a manager in a corporate environment concurrently to his counseling and psychiatry practice, and is intimately knowledgeabele about the business, interpersonal, and organizational stress placed on the staff of a corporation.

Dr. Berger's corporate experience includes life-science and business consulting industries, both for local Japanese as well and international life-science business making him well-suited to provide corporate training services at the workplace in Japan.

The following services are available for corporate clients:

  • THERAPY IN OUR OFFICE: Individual therapy is available at the Meguro Counseling Center's Meguro office in central Tokyo. This allows complete privacy for persons who may be in need of therapy for depression, anxiety, family, or other interpersonal issues.
  • CONFICT RESOLUTION: This can be provided at the Meguro Counseling Center's office for greater privacy, or on location at the company's offices.
  • GROUP THERAPY: Therapy that focuses on specific conflicts or to promote smooth organizational function. Again, this can be at the Meguro Counseling Center's office for greater privacy, or on location at a corporate office.
  • EDUCATIONAL SEMINARS: How psychiatric illness and psychological issues can effect the work place. How to spot depression, anxiety, personality disorders, etc, how to manage and interact with persons who are or have been psychiatrically ill, how psychiatric illnesses are treated, and how interpersonal issues at the workplace can be resolved (bullying, group alienation, pecking-order competition, etc). Seminars are usually provided on location at a corporate office.
  • ORGANIZATIONAL RATIONALIZATION: Evaluation and recommendations for optimization of the interpersonal dynamics and power politics in large organizations is often crucial to get a dysfunctional corporate environment back on track. Reorganizational recommendations provided by a third-party unconnected to the organization is key to avoid friction between top management and staff in this endeavor.

※ Corporate services can also be provided at locations outside of Tokyo.

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