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The Meguro Counseling Center has many years of experience treating Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) for persons located throughout Japan by Skype, and by direct visit for those persons living in the Tokyo area. The therapists at the Center include fully bilingual Board-Certified M.D.s and Ph.D.s from the United States, and can provide Japanese prescriptions from our fully-integrated affiliated medical services which can be mailed to the convenience of your home in many cases. In addition, we provide cognitive-behavioral therapy and organizational-skills training for these persons, and we can help persons directly accomplish tasks related to personal or occupational responsibilities. This ARTICLE ON ADD/ADHD was written by Dr. Berger in the Tokyo Families Magazine.

ADD is usually first noticed in children and adolescents, but a considerable number of adults with attention deficit continue to experience symptoms such as distraction, clutter, trouble with time-management, hyperfocus or "zoning" into certain activities. Hyperactive symptoms such and constantly being on-the-go, over-work, impatience, intolerance (especially of persons who seem to move slowly), and others, may also persist into adulthood. This is commonly called Adult ADHD. There are two major forms of Attention Deficit Disorder, the Predominantly Inattentive Type and the Predominantly Hyperactive-Impulsive type. Some persons may also have a combined type.

In the Predominantly Inattentive Type, young children may make careless mistakes in schoolwork, they have trouble sustaining attention, have trouble finishing and organizing tasks. They lose things, are forgetful, and are easily distracted.

Adults with inattention often have trouble initiating tasks causing procrastination, they may forget where they have placed important objects. They are not able to tolerate the concentration needed to enter university, may barely finish high-school or college. They may hyperfocus on activities they have interest in and have trouble to engage in uninteresting tasks no matter how much of a priority they are (i.e., paying bills, studying for examinations, making applications, etc.). Inattention can lead to household clutter, not washing the dishes or doing the laundry when necessary etc. leading to fights with one's partner or spouse, and this is often a reason to present for help.

In the Predominantly Hyperactive-Impulsive type, the child seems to be fidgety, squirming in their seat, runs about and climbs excessively when it is in appropriate to do so and seems to always be "on the go". They impulsively interrupt others, can't wait their turn, and may have trouble controlling their aggression.

Adults with hyperactivity often get irritable and impatient with what most people would consider "small things". While they sleep well, they can't seem to relax when awake. They may be impatient with others who seem to do things slowly, and they can not tolerate slow activities (i.e., walking in the woods, uninteresting business meetings, etc.). Impatience, irritability, or tantrums resulting from an inability to pay quiet attention in certain situations may cause interpersonal conflict. These persons may gravitate to use various compounds to help them "cool-off" their over active minds at night, and may engage in risky behavior such as driving too fast, do dangerous sports, etc.

The Meguro Counseling Center can help persons with ADD or ADHD using a skills-based training therapy as appropriate. We can also recommend a trial of medication for ADD and ADHD in Japan if the person wishes and/or is having distress or interpersonal conflict because of these symptoms. Medication is neither recommended nor necessary for each person.

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