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English speaking American board-certified psychiatrist psychotherapist, cognitive-behavioral (CBT) therapist, and staff provide caring and compassionate phone or Skype counseling, psychotherapy, support & life coaching, marital/divorce and family counseling, and guidance on the use of psychiatric medications, at this psychology service and mental health care counseling service for the international community in Hong Kong.

The Director of the Meguro Counseling Center, Dr. Douglas Berger, is an English and Japanese speaking American Board-Certified Psychiatrist therapist available for phone or Skype psychotherapy, and psychological counseling, for Western persons living in Hong Kong. Dr. Berger is experienced as a psychotherapist in individual mental health counseling and marriage/couples counseling. He is a native English speaker, fully fluent in Japanese, and conversational in Chinese. Many Western persons are relocated to Hong Kong, and Dr. Berger is very familiar with the psychological needs of Expatriates working in the greater Asia area. While located in Tokyo, Dr. Berger has found that effective therapy and counseling is possible via phone or skype; and being in the Asia time-zone makes for convenient scheduling.

Hong Kong is one of the most active and interesting cities in Asia to live in. A major Asian hub for many industries, Hong Kong is a fascinating fusion of East and West. Finance is one of the biggest industries where Expatriates move to Hong Kong from Japan and/or work out of their Japan offices from a Hong Kong location. Persons in these industries often seek counseling related to issues in their work and social lives that is common across many Asian cities. Persons in these industries tend to have specific sets of issues related to their work and social lives that is common across many Asian cities. The therapists at the Meguro Counseling Center provide individual counseling for children or adults, marriage and couples counseling, divorce counseling, life counseling, career counseling and coaching. Corporate training and conflict resolution is also available.

Some of the more common problems that the therapists at the Meguro Counseling Center have experience treating include self-confidence problems, relationship/family problems, depression and manic depression, anxiety (GAD) and panic disorder, eating disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) phobias, social anxiety disorder (SAD), alcohol and substance use, ADD and ADHD treatment, traumatic experiences (PTSD)/child abuse, feelings of unreality, sleep disturbances, psychosomatic (mind/body) disorders, women's issues, gay and lesbian issues, sex addiction, and child and adolescent disturbances.

The Meguro Counseling Center therapists have considerable experience in the treatment of anxiety and depression. Clients who entrust the Meguro Counseling Center with their counseling needs are treated kindly and professionally, and the work at hand in the care of these persons and their issues is taken extremely seriously.


Counseling Approach. Insight-oriented psychodynamic psychotheray, CBT (cognitive behavioral psychotherapy), supportive psychology counseling, and other forms of psychotherapy and mental health care are practiced at The Meguro Counseling Center. The Meguro Counseling Center also sees many couples in crisis. The pattern of the trouble between the partners needs to be elicited and presented clearly to the couple so that they can work on resolving what is usually a negative cycle. Please see the Counseling Approach page for further details.

The Meguro Counseling Center often uses charts and graphs in order to conceptualize clinical issues in visual form. These are some examples of the many files used with clients at the Center (the graphs require individual discussion in order to make sense in context of each unique situation):

  • Core Issues and Defenses; a flow chart of the core psychological issues people have and the adaptive and maladaptive defenses people use.
  • Mood Effects On Psychology; a diagram of how abnormal mood can lead to feelings and behaviors that are not optimal.
  • Self Esteem Needs In Relationships; an illustration of how the mechanics of intimate relationships can lead to crashes in self esteem.
  • Obedience and Defiance Cycle; how a cycle between obedience and defiance can lead to resentment, guilt and fear, and secondary depression, anxiety, conflict, and decreased self-assertion.

Please see the Home Page and the other menu pages for more details.

We would be pleased to lend you a helping hand. Please feel free to contact the Center for further information.

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The Meguro Counseling Center consists of Western-trained therapists able to provide mental-health care for the international community living in Asia. With extensive experience in Asia, these therapists have a deep understanding of the stresses of living in Asia.

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The Meguro Counseling Center contributes counseling proceeds to research work at the Rockefeller University Department of Neuroscience.

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